Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Novice/Expert Video

                                           Novice Video

                                            Expert Video

Step-by-step on how to beat an opponent

Step 1:
Approach the ball on an angle.

Step 2:
Depending on which direction you are going you will use the foot on that side to kick the ball back. So if you are going right, you will use the right foot. If you are going left, you will use the left foot. When you kick the ball back, you want to make sure that the front foot is pointing in the direction that you want the ball to go andhave your foot in slight dorsiflexion. Your femur should also be slightly externally rotated. Then flex your hip and your knee in the saggittal plane. Step over the superior portion of the ball, and place your foot anterior to the ball, but do not plant your foot. Then using the posterior part of your heel, slightly tap the ball backwards. Make sure that it is not a full swing back, but more of an abrupt stop.

Step 3:
Once the ball is kicked backwards, focus on shifting the weight of your body to the front foot, allowing you to adducted the back foot to kick the ball. When kicking with the back foot, use the medial aspect of your foot and kick the ball in the direction that you are going to.

Step 4:
 When the ball is going in the direction you want it to be, use the the weight on your right foot and explode to the ball.