Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drill- Ball Step overs

1. Stand to the side of the ball. Does not matter which foot you start out with.
2. If you're right foot is leading, the foot that is going to be toucing the ball is the left foot only.
3. First step: Take your left foot and place it superiorly on the ball and roll the ball medially in the frontal plane. Make sure that you are keeping the ball under control and that the ball is always in front of you. The ball should not be to far behind or too far forward, it has to be parallel with your body.
4. As you roll the ball with your left foot, adduct left foot and plant it on the lateral aspect of your right foot and then you bring your right foot laterally as if you were doing the grape vine.
5. As you repeat step 3, when you lift your left foot, your leg should already be in slight external rotaton, so before you touch the ball, you want to internally rotate your leg back to neutral and roll the ball again.
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4. Each step you take with your right foot there should be the same amount of touches on the ball with your left foot.
7. As you go back, face the same way but instead of using the left foot, use your right foot only this time.
8. To make it harder, try not to look down.